Surface Contamination and Cleaning, Volume 1 Cover

Surface Contamination and Cleaning, Volume 1

ISBN/ASIN: 9781601192325,9789067643764,1601192320,9067643769,9047403282,9789047403289 | 2003 | English | pdf | 364/334 pages | 19.5 Mb
Publisher: VSP – An imprint of BRILL | Author: Mittal, K.L (Eds.)

This volume contains 24 papers, which deal with all kinds of contaminations on a host of surfaces. The topics covered include: mapping of surface contaminants; various techniques for cleaning surfaces; various techniques for monitoring level of cleanliness; acceptable cleanliness levels; ionic contamination; pharmaceutical cleaning validations; cleaning of glass surfaces; decontamination of sensitive equipment; no-chemistry process cleaning; waterjet cleaning; cleaning with solid carbon dioxide pellet blasting; cleanroom wipers; dust removal from solar panels and spacecraft on Mars; laser cleaning of silicon surfaces; particle removal; implications of surface contamination and cleaning; and future of industrial cleaning and related public policy-making.
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1. Mapping of Surface Contaminants by Tunable Infrared-Laser Imaging
2. Monitoring Cleanliness and Defining Acceptable Cleanliness Levels
3. Tracking Surface Ionic Contamination by Ion Chromatography
4. A New Method Using MESERAN Technique for Measuring Surface Contamination After Solvent Extraction
5. Methods for Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validations
6. Influence of Cleaning on the Surface of Model Glasses and Their Sensitivity to Organic Contamination
7. Decontamination of Sensitive Equipment
8. The Fundamentals of No-Chemistry Process Cleaning
9. Development of a Technology for Generation of Ice Particles
10. Cleaning with Solid Carbon Dioxide Pellet Blasting
11. Development of a Generic Procedure for Modeling of Waterjet Cleaning
12. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Waterjet Derusting Technology
13. Practical Applications of Icejet Technology in Surface Processing
14. Correlating Cleanliness to Electrical Performance
15. Qualifying a Cleaning System for Space Flight Printed Wiring Assemblies
16. Investigation of Modified SC-1 Solutions for Silicon Wafer Cleaning
17. Performance Qualification of Post-CMP Cleaning Equipment in a Semiconductor Fabrication Environment
18. Spatial and Temporal Scales in Wet Processing of Deep Submicrometer Features
19. Microdenier Fabrics for Cleanroom Wipers
20. Fine Particle Detachment Studied by Reflectometry and Atomic Force Microscopy
21. Dust Removal from Solar Panels and Spacecraft on Mars
22. Laser Cleaning of Silicon Wafers: Prospects and Problems
23. Particle Removal Using Resonant Laser Detachment
24. The Future of Industrial Cleaning and Related Public Policy-Making

Surface Contamination and Cleaning, Volume 1

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