Procurement, Preservation and Allocation of Vascularized Organs Cover

Procurement, Preservation and Allocation of Vascularized Organs

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401062800,9789401154222 | 1997 | English | pdf | 381/372 pages | 18.0 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: N. Lefrancois, J. L. Touraine (auth.), G. M. Collins, J. M. Dubernard, W. Land, G. G. Persijn (eds.) | Edition: 1

At the brink of the third millennium organ transplanta­ mati on how, in the case of shortage, a fair allocation of tion will become routine and the results will be so ex­ the scarce organs can be achieved. This is a very cellent that every patient in need of a transplant timely subject that continues to be discussed between deserves to be transplanted. How to provide every doctors and between laymen. patient with his or her organ and how to guarantee This book serves the needs of several groups of that the organ is in a superb condition? That is the specialists working with transplant patients. Firstly, the challenge for all of us privileged to work in this doctors who are directly involved in the care of the magnificent field of medicine. multi-organ donor, and who have to collaborate to do In this book, an international team of experts has the best for their recipients. Heart surgeons might like laid down their intellectual knowledge on the process to learn from liver surgeons and vice versa. Secondly, that precedes successful transplantation: Procurement, the paramedical specialist who is involved in the treat­ Preservation and Allocation. In four sections important ment of transplant patients and their families will find aspects of this preamble of the actual transplantation in this book many answers to questions. Students can are dealt with. also use it as a source for general information.

Procurement, Preservation and Allocation of Vascularized Organs

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