Social Sciences in Management: An Environmental View Cover

Social Sciences in Management: An Environmental View

ISBN/ASIN: 9789024712915,9789401027946 | 1972 | English | pdf | 117/116 pages | 4.09 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Narendra K. Sethi Ph. D. (auth.) | Edition: 1

The study of environment in the administrative management con­ text is of a relatively recent vintage. It owes much to the comparative emphasis upon the applications of social disciplines within the organ­ ization's framework. It derives much from the modem perspectives of a total managerial strategy unrestricted by the limited internal firm situations. Basically, environmental studies have contributed to the incorporation of an extra-business and profit dimension in the mana­ gerial functions. Much has already been written about social sciences and their behavioral utility for rational administration. After several years of teaching and consulting activities focusing on this subject, I was quite convinced, however, that an "Environmental Interaction" approach could contribute to the effectiveness of both the practicing manager and the preaching academician in their persuasive efforts to apply environmental outlook in everyday business decisions and functions. This is the basic rationale for this book. I am grateful to a number of people who have contributed to the direct and indirect preparation of this research study. Dean John C.

Social Sciences in Management: An Environmental View

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