Cosmic Radiation in Contemporary Astrophysics Cover

Cosmic Radiation in Contemporary Astrophysics

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401089227,9789400954885 | 1985 | English | pdf | 274/269 pages | 22.3 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Niels Lund (auth.), Maurice M. Shapiro (eds.) | Edition: 1

This volume is the product of Lecturers in the fourth Course of the International School of Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics held at the Ettore Majorana Center in Erice, Sicily in November, 1984. The Course, devoted to "Cosmic Radiation in Contemporary Astrophysics," was concurrently a NATO-sponsored Advanced Study Institute (ASI). Cosmic-ray research is in a state of ferment. Precise measure­ ments – some made with instruments aboard sattelites and space probe- have been confronting models and theories with severe constraints. The observations of gamma-ray sources, notably Cyg X-3, at energies up to 16 10 eV, have opened up tantalizing possibilities of direct source iden­ tification. This ASI was devoted largely to interdisciplinary phenomena in cosmic-ray astrophysics whose understanding requires input from the other channels in astronomy. It explored the ways in which progress in cosmic-ray science might clarify phenomena observed in related disciplines. In trying to achieve this aim, we assembled a staff of lecturers representing various astrophysical specialties, such as radio­ astronomy, optical astronomy, X-ray astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, and of course, particle astronomy (i.e., cosmic radiation). Students and other participants were likewise drawn from diverse backgrounds. Vigorous discussions enlivened almost every session.

Cosmic Radiation in Contemporary Astrophysics

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