Hydrogen Degradation of Ferrous Alloys Cover

Hydrogen Degradation of Ferrous Alloys

ISBN/ASIN: 9780815519942,9780815510277,9781591245650,1591245656,081551994X | 1985 | English | rar | 900/0 pages | 34.6 Mb
Publisher: William Andrew Publishing/Noyes | Author: Oriani, Richard A., Hirth, John P.; Smialowski, Michael (Eds.)

Hydrogen degradation of structural materials is a serious problem that has received increasing attention for the past fifty years. The ubiquity of the sources of hydrogen-corrosion in aqueous solutions, absorption into pipelines carrying humid and contaminated hydrocarbons, contaminants in the melting processes contributes to the importance of the problem.

This book provides a critical review of the fundaments of hydrogen-metal interactions, mechanistic considerations, and the phenomenology of the degradation of mechanical properties.
• Front Matter
• Preface
• Table of Contents
•Section 1. Equilibria Properties 1. The Iron-Hydrogen Phase Diagram
2. Fugacity of Gaseous Hydrogen
3. Gas-Iron Surface Equilibria
4. The Electrolyte-Iron Interface
5. Elastic Interactions of Hydrogen in the Lattice of Iron Alloys
6. Hydrogen-Defect Interactions
7. A Theoretical Approach to Embrittlement of Metals: The Quantum Mechanical Cluster Method
8. Nickel Hydride
•Section 2. Kinetic Aspects 9. Kinetics of Adsorption of Hydrogen onto Iron Alloys from the Gas Phase
10. Entry of Hydrogen from the Gas Phase
11. Entry of Hydrogen into Iron Alloys from the Liquid Phase
12. Diffusivity of Hydrogen and Its Isotopes in Iron Alloys
13. Hydrogen Trapping in Iron and Iron Alloys
14. Anelasticity
•Section 3. Effects of Hydrogen upon Mechanical Properties 15. Effects of Hydrogen on the Plastic Properties of Iron Single Crystals, Whiskers and Polycrystals
16. The Effect of Hydrogen on Relaxation Phenomena in Steels
17. Fatigue
18. Plastic Instability and Hydrogen in Iron-Based Alloys
•Section 4. Cracking and Failure Mechanisms 19. Fundamentals of Fracture
20. Phase Transformations Near the Crack Tip
21. Atomistic Computer Simulation of Hydrogen-Enhanced Fracture
22. Initiation of Hydrogen-Induced Cracking in Iron and Iron Alloys
23. Chemistry, Microstructure and Crack Growth Response
24. Intergranular Crack Propagation
25. The Role of Traps in the Microstructural Control of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Steels
26. Hydrogen Cracking of Single Crystals of Fe-Alloys
•Section 5. Hydrogen Effects in Classes of Steel 27. Hydrogen-Induced Degradation of Low-Carbon Steel
28. Hydrogen-Induced Blister Cracking of Linepipe Steel
29. Hydrogen Effects in High Strength Steels
30. Hydrogen Cracking in Specialty Steels
31. Hydrogen Effects in Stainless Steel
• Index

Hydrogen Degradation of Ferrous Alloys

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