Frozen in Time  The Fate of the Franklin Expedition Cover

Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition

ISBN/ASIN: 1553650603,9781553650607 | 2004 | English | epub | 288/0 pages | 21.6 Mb
Publisher: Greystone Books | Author: Owen Beattie, John Geiger, Margaret Atwood | Edition: 3rd

The revised text of "Frozen in Time" expands on the history of nineteenth century British Arctic exploration and specifically the Franklin expedition, placing it in the context of other expeditions of the era, including those commanded by George Back and James Clark Ross.

The Franklin expedition was not alone in suffering early and unexplained deaths. Indeed, the expeditions of both Back (1837) and Ross (1849) were forced to retreat because of the rapacious illness that stalked their ships. The authors make the case that this illness was due to the crews’ overwhelming reliance on a new technology: tinned foods. This not only exposed the seamen to lead, an insidious poison, but also left them vulnerable to scurvy.

The revised "Frozen in Time" will also update the research outlined in the original edition, and will introduce independent confirmation of Dr. Beattie’s lead hypothesis, along with corroboration of his discovery of physical evidence for both scurvy and cannibalism. In addition, the book includes a new introduction written by Margaret Atwood, who has long been fascinated by the role of the Franklin Expedition in Canada’s literary conscience.

Includes never before seen photographs from the exhumations on Beechey Island and rarely seen historical illustrations.

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