Spin Crossover in Transition Metal Compounds III Cover

Spin Crossover in Transition Metal Compounds III

ISBN/ASIN: 9783540403951,9783540449843 | 2004 | English | pdf | 268/246 pages | 4.36 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg | Author: P. Gütlich, H.A. Goodwin (auth.) | Edition: 1

C. Brady, J.J. McGarvey, J.K. McCusker, H. Toftlund, D.N. Hendrickson: Time-Resolved Relaxation Studies of Spin Crossover Systems in Solution .-

V. Ksenofontov, P. Gütlich et al.: Spin Crossover under Pressure .-

A. Bousseksou, F. Varret, M. Goiran, K. Boukheddaden, J.P. Tuchagues: The Spin Crossover Phenomenon under High Magnetic Field .-

J.-P. Tuchagues, A. Bousseksou, G. Molnár, J.J. McGarvey, F. Varret: The Role of Molecular Vibrations in the Spin Crossover Phenomenon .-

W. Linert, M. Grunert, A.B. Koudriavtsev: Isokinetic and Isoequilibrium Relationships in Spin Crossover Systems .-

H. Winkler, A.I: Chumakov, A.X. Trautwein: Nuclear Resonant Forward and Nuclear Inelastic Scattering Using Synchrotron Radiation for Spin Crossover Systems .-

M. Sorai: Heat Capacity Studies of Spin Crossover Systems .-

H. Spiering et al.: Cooperative elastic interactions in spin crossover systems .-

H. Paulsen, A.X. Trautwein: Density Functional Theory Calculations for Spin Crossover Complexes .-

J.-F. Létard, P. Guionneau, L. Goux-Capes : Towards Spin Crossover Applications

Spin Crossover in Transition Metal Compounds III

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