Foams: Physics, Chemistry and Structure Cover

Foams: Physics, Chemistry and Structure

ISBN/ASIN: 9781447138099,9781447138075 | 1989 | English | pdf | 233/237 pages | 12.0 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag London | Author: P. Walstra (auth.), Ashley Wilson BSc, DPhil, MIBiol (eds.) | Edition: 1

Foams and froths are an important feature of everyday life; one only has to think of shaving foam, foam upholstery, fire fighting foam, bread, bear head, and ice cream. Less obvious but equally important are the foams and foaming processes which are being exploited in ever more complex and imaginative ways in industry. However, the unusual nature of foams, the fact that they are neither solids or liquids, and their very fragility has prevented scientists from obtaining a thorough understanding of even the basic principles of foam formation and stability. This volume presents papers on the physics, chemistry, structure and ultrastructure of foams by contributors from a wide range of backgrounds and research disciplines. The aim of the book is to present a unique multi-disciplinary cross section of work currently being undertaken on the subject of foams.

Foams: Physics, Chemistry and Structure

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