Infernal Triangle Cover

Infernal Triangle

ISBN/ASIN: 1742375634,9781742375632 | 2012 | English | epub | 338/0 pages | 1.89 Mb
Publisher: Allen & Unwin | Author: Paul McGeough

An award-winning journalist's writing on recent events in the Middle East, including the devastating Gaza Flotilla incident It's been 10 years since Al-Qaeda demolished the World Trade Center, and Paul McGeough was in the streets of Manhattan on that fateful day. No journalist has monitored more closely the fallout from those destructive minutes—for Afghanistan, for Iraq, and for the never-ending conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in The Levant. Together, these three locations are the Infernal Triangle, from which America has been unable to extricate itself. McGeough has enjoyed access to all the main players in these unfolding events. But, more than that, he has been prepared to observe at close quarters both the fighters and the citizens involved, recording their hopes and fears, their triumphs and tragedies. He has been present at the death of colleagues and he joined the historic "Peace Flotilla" that attempted to bring supplies to Gaza. His vivid and eloquent journalism offers new insights into some of the most critical events of the last decade.

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