E-Content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market Cover

E-Content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market

ISBN/ASIN: 354025093X,9783540250937 | 2005 | English | pdf | 244/187 pages | 17.1 Mb
Publisher: Springer | Author: Peter A. Bruck, Andrea Buchholz, Zeger Karssen, Ansgar Zerfass | Edition: 2005

Technologies develop rapidly and reach hurricane levels of velocity but quality E-Content and innovative applications lag behind. This book addresses the question how content industries change within a digital environment and what role information and communication technologies play in transforming the competitive landscape. The authors argue that post-industrial societies tend to pay substantial amounts for equipment and gadgets but invest far too little in the quality of the content. As a result, much effort is and has to be spent on the enhancement of E-Content.

The contributions give an elaborate overview of:
– the specifics, challenges and prospects of content in the network economy;
– market developments of digital media services;
– paid content business models;
– impacts on scientific publishing;
– developments in the field of E-Learning;
– the interplay between technology and content with the example of interactive digital TV;
– the mobile games market;
– emerging new cross media markets;
– the need to enhance the usability of websites and mobile applications;
– how digital applications might be used to capture and store our personal experiences.

A final chapter shows the prospects of the European E-Content market and gives an overview of valuable initiatives and resources dealing with the topic of E-Content.

E-Content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market

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