Chronic Venous Insufficiency: Diagnosis and Treatment Cover

Chronic Venous Insufficiency: Diagnosis and Treatment

ISBN/ASIN: 9781447111498,9781447104735 | 2000 | English | pdf | 200/199 pages | 22.1 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag London | Author: Peter F. Lawrence, Christine E. Gazak (auth.), Jeffrey L. Ballard MD, FACS, John J. Bergan MD FACS (eds.) | Edition: 1

Chronic venous insufficiency, manifesting as disabling open leg ulcers, lipodermatosclerosis and severe cutaneous hyperpigmentation is thought to affect five percent of the population over age 80 and a significant proportion, probably greater than one percent, of Western populations under age 65. To date little has been known about how to treat this condition cost-effectively beyond supportive and palliative care. Thus, the most important feature of ChronicVenous Insufficiency is that it describes the interventions which markedly ameliorate, and in some cases cure, the condition. The authoritative text has been skilfully illustrated to show how new methods of endovascular and endoscopic interventions can be integrated with radiologic techniques to correct totally the abnormalities which produce chronic venous insufficiency. Taken as a whole this volume will enable general surgeons, vascular surgeons, dermatologists and interventional radiologists to treat a condition that was, until recently, thought to be untreatable.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency: Diagnosis and Treatment

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