Tankmaster: Water Quality Cover

Tankmaster: Water Quality

ISBN/ASIN: 0764152742,9780764152740 | 2001 | English | pdf | 80/81 pages | 90.4 Mb
Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series | Author: Peter Hiscock

Controlling water quality is the single most important aspect of aquarium maintenance. Here is detailed information on filtration, temperature control, water chemistry, and the accessories required to maintain water quality. The brilliantly illustrated Tankmaster Books are for serious aquarium hobbyists, as well as beginners who want to know more about keeping an aquarium. Tankmaster books show rather than merely tell the details of aquarium maintenance with pages filled with full-color photos and diagrams. Written instruction takes the form of enlightening picture captions and labels that explain all details in each illustration. More than 200 illustrations in every volume.

Tankmaster: Water Quality

Category: Engineering

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