Chemistry of the Amazon. Biodiversity, Natural Products, and Environmental Issues Cover

Chemistry of the Amazon. Biodiversity, Natural Products, and Environmental Issues

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841231597,9780841215139,0841231591 | 1995 | English | pdf | 318/318 pages | 28.3 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Peter Rudolf Seidl, Otto Richard Gottlieb, and Maria Auxiliadora Coelho Kaplan (Eds.)

Content: Amazon biodiversity: a renewable natural resource? / Peter Rudolf Seidl —
Natural products as medicinal and biological agents : potentiating the resources of the rain forest / Geoffrey A. Cordell —
Economic plants of the Amazon : their industrial development in defense of the forest / Benjamin Gilbert —
Agroforestry strategies for alleviating soil chemical constraints to food and fiber production in the Brazilian Amazon / Erick C.M. Fernandes and João Carlos de Souza Matos —
Secondary compound accumulation in plants-the application of plant biotechnology to plant improvement : a proposed strategy for natural-product research in Brazil / Marcia Pletsch, Antônio Euzébio G. Sant'Ana, and Barry Victor Charlwood —
The promise of plant-derived natural products for the development of new pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals / James D. McChesney —
Poisons and anti-poisons from the Amazon forest / Walter B. Mors —
Biologically active neolignans from Amazonian trees / Massayoshi Yoshida —
Proteins from Amazonia : studies and perspectives for their research / Lauro Morhy —
Terpenoids from Amazonian Icacinaceae / Alaide Braga de Oliveira —
Chemical studies of Myristicaceae species of the Colombian Amazon / Juan C. Martinez V. and Luis E. Cuca S. —
Plant chemistry of Amazonia in an ecological context / Klaus Kubitzki —
Lignans : diversity, biosynthesis, and function / Norman G. Lewis, Massuo J. Kato, Norberto Lopes, and Laurence B. Davin —
The chemistry of Amazonian Myristicaceae : developmental, ecological, and pharmacological aspects / Massuo J. Kato —
Amazonia versus Australia : geographically distant, chemically close / Maria Auxiliadora Coelho Kaplan —
Chemodiversity of angiosperms : latitude- and herbaceousness-conditioned gradients / Maria Renata de M.B. Borin and Otto R. Gottlieb —
Future-oriented mapping of biodiversity in Amazonia / Otto R. Gottlieb —
Advances in Amazonian biogeochemistry / K.O. Konhauser, W.S. Fyfe, W. Zang, M.I. Bird, and B.I. Kronberg —
The chemistry of headwater streams in the Rio das Mortes system and its effect on the structure of the biotic community / Charles W. Heckman —
The chemistry of atmospheric aerosol particles in the Amazon Basin / Paulo Artaxo, Fábio Gerab, Márcia A. Yamasoe, and José V. Martins —
The "Garimpo" problem in the Amazon region / Alexandre Pessoa, Gildo Sá Albuquerque, and Maria Laura Barreto —
Mineral extraction in the Amazon and the environment : the mercury problem / Roberto C. Villas Bôas.

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