Panzer Divisions 1944-45 Cover

Panzer Divisions 1944-45

ISBN/ASIN: 184603406X,9781846034060 | 2009 | English | pdf | 96/97 pages | 4.36 Mb
Publisher: Osprey Publishing | Author: Pier Paolo Battistelli | Edition: Original

The period 1944-45 was one of change for the Panzer Divisions. In summer 1944 the new-type Panzer Division was introduced with a reduction in the number of tanks, a change that was mainly seen in North-West Europe. On the Eastern Front, where the bulk of the Panzer Divisions were still employed, the organizational changes were introduced only slowly, mainly during periods of rest and refit. In 1945 the division was again reorganized with a reduced strength to reflect the deteriorating German manufacturing capability and to incorporate news weapons such as the Panther (Mark V).

This volume provides a detailed examination on the late-war changes to the German Army Panzer forces and the formation of new units, from the collapse on the Eastern Front, through operations on the Western Front in Normandy and the Ardennes, to the final battle for Berlin in 1945. The major organizational changes that took place in this intensive period are examined, together with the adaptation of German armored doctrine, tactics, and the command system. Details of unit histories and operations, illustrated in color maps, are also provided in this packed treatment.

Panzer Divisions 1944-45

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