Microsurgery of the Temporo-Medial Region Cover

Microsurgery of the Temporo-Medial Region

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Publisher: Springer-Verlag Wien | Author: Prof. Dr. med. Rezio Raffaele Renella (auth.) | Edition: 1

The differentiation of the temporal lobe into a lateral neocortical and a medial allocortical region is supported by developmental, anatomical and clinical evidence. Although this view of a dual temporal lobe is generally accepted by neurosurgeons dealing with functional surgery, it still receives little attention by those approaching structural abnormalities located or extending into the medio-basal region. Consequently, the characterization of the temporo-medial area as a distinct surgical region is still lacking. The major object of this study is to analyse the medial part of the temporal lobe as a distinct surgical region and to integrate the microsurgical and physiological aspects into a concept applicable to the several types of temporo-medial lesion. The study includes five sections. The first section is devoted to the morphological aspects; the second and the third sections present a simplified clinical approach to temporo-medial lesions and analyse the ancillary investigations which are indispensable for characterizing their structural and functional features. The fourth section deals with the surgical aspects of temporo-medial lesions, and especially with the selection of the optimal approach in regard to the location of a given process, and to the extent of the functional changes. The last section is devoted to commentaries concerning the neuropathological aspects and the outcome of surgery in the temporo-medial region.

Microsurgery of the Temporo-Medial Region

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