Long-Term Care: Economic Issues and Policy Solutions Cover

Long-Term Care: Economic Issues and Policy Solutions

ISBN/ASIN: 9781461368342,9781461540960 | 1996 | English | pdf | 337/335 pages | 7.53 Mb
Publisher: Springer US | Author: Prof. Dr. Roland Eisen, Prof. Dr. Frank A. Sloan (auth.), Prof. Dr. Roland Eisen, Frank A. Sloan (eds.) | Edition: 1

Ensuring long-term care (LTC) is one of the most urgent problems in health care today. Demographic trends are expected to lead to a higher proportion of old and very old people in the global population. As a result, an increased proportion of global income will be devoted to LTC services. With this in mind, Long-term Care: Economic Issues andPolicy Solutions aims to address the following important objectives: to provide a detailed analysis of the arrangements and institutions designed to protect the disabled and dependent elderly people in various countries, and to try to evaluate their respective merits. to discuss the projections of future costs of protection for dependent elderly, and to assess the impact of improvements in disability-free life expectancy on the future cost of care and choices between informal and formal care. to present empirical research on these decisions, with special consideration of primary caregivers, and on the substitution between in kind and cash benefits as well as between institutional (or formal) care and home (or informal) care. to analyze different theoretical approaches in modeling decisions referring to LTC services to be provided both within and between generations.
With its mix of empirical, theoretical and policy-related contributions, Long-term Care: Economic Issues and Policy Solutions will be of interest not only to health economists, but also to social scientists, health insurers, and public policy advocates.

Long-Term Care: Economic Issues and Policy Solutions

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