Advances in Chemical Reaction Dynamics Cover

Advances in Chemical Reaction Dynamics

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401086042,9789400947344 | 1986 | English | pdf | 624/607 pages | 26.7 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: R. Bersohn (auth.), Peter M. Rentzepis, Christos Capellos (eds.) | Edition: 1

This book contains the formal lectures and contributed papers presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on. the Advances in Chemical Reaction Dynamics. The meeting convened at the city of Iraklion, Crete, Greece on 25 August 1985 and continued to 7 September 1985. The material presented describes the fundamental and recent advances in experimental and theoretical aspects of, reaction dynamics. A large section is devoted to electronically excited states, ionic species, and free radicals, relevant to chemical sys­ tems. In addition recent advances in gas phase polymerization, formation of clusters, and energy release processes in energetic materials were presented. Selected papers deal with topics such as the dynamics of electric field effects in low polar solutions, high electric field perturbations and relaxation of dipole equilibria, correlation in picosecond/laser pulse scattering, and applications to fast reaction dynamics. Picosecond transient Raman spectroscopy which has been used for the elucidation of reaction dynamics and structural changes occurring during the course of ultrafast chemical reactions; propagation of turbulent flames and detonations in gaseous· energetic systems are also discussed in some detail. In addition a large portion of the program was devoted to current experimental and theoretical studies of the structure of the transition state as inferred from product state distributions; translational energy release in the photodissociation of aromatic molecules; intramolecu­ lar and intraionic dynamic processes.

Advances in Chemical Reaction Dynamics

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