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WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling

ISBN/ASIN: 1550225847,9781550225846 | 2003 | English | mobi | 160/0 pages | 5.27 Mb
Publisher: ECW Press | Author: R. D. Reynolds, Randy Baer

Outrageous costumes, cartoonish characters, and scripted storylines are featured in this retrospective look at the no-holds-barred stunts pro wrestling promoters have used to attract viewers. Covering such entertainment catastrophes as an evil one-eyed midget, George Ringo the Wrestling Beatle, and Goobledy Gooker, the wrestler who emerged in the arena from an egg, this merciless evaluation of such organizations as World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation will leave wrestling fans and critics alike in stitches. The choices of promoters and producers are reviewed in an effort to understand the motivations and imaginations behind the often incomprehensible and laughable stunts that have baffled even die-hard fans.

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Category: Sports

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