Waste as a resource Cover

Waste as a resource

ISBN/ASIN: 9781849737883,1849737886 | 2013 | English | rar | xviii, 234 p. : ill/0 pages | 6.79 Mb
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry | Author: R E Hester; R M Harrison

Content: 1. Advanced Thermal Treatment of Wastes for Fuels, Chemicals and Materials Recovery; 2. Resource Recovery from Mine Waste; 3. Waste to Wealth using Green Chemistry; 4. Recycling of Plastics and Packaging; 5. Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewater; 6. Recent Developments in the Area of Waste as a Resource, with Particular Reference to the Circular Economy as a Guiding Principle; 7. Recycling Policy: The Sound Material Cycle Society and 3R Concepts from Japan to Developing Asia; 8. Composting and Compost; 9. Landfill as a Resource

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