Optical Networks. A Practical Perspective Cover

Optical Networks. A Practical Perspective

ISBN/ASIN: 9781558606555 | 2001 | English | pdf | 824/824 pages | 15.9 Mb
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann | Author: Rajiv Ramaswami and Kumar N. Sivarajan (Auth.)

''This book is not only thorough in covering the physics and the applications of optical communications, but it discusses the relevance of technology to the emerging intelligent optical networking revolution. This should be mandatory reading for every professional in our business.''
—Desh Deshpande, Chairman, Sycamore Networks, Inc. ''This edition of Optical Networks will greatly aid everyone in the business of creating change and help them understand the science behind and the applications of an optical world.''
—Mike Perusse, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Qwest ''Rajiv Ramaswami is the industry's best teacher on optical technology, and this book is the most lucid, scholarly, and enlightening guide to wavelength division multiplexing published to date.''
—George Gilder, Editor, Gilder Technology Report and author of Telecosm

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