Asia In The Global Economy  Finance, Trade and Investment Cover

Asia In The Global Economy: Finance, Trade and Investment

ISBN/ASIN: 9812705732,9789812705730 | 2008 | English | pdf | 272/273 pages | 3.46 Mb
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company | Author: Ramkishen S. Rajan, Sunil Rongala

This book consists of 20 short essays on different dimensions of international economic policy with specific (though not exclusive) focus on Asia. Topics covered include: exchange rate regimes and reserve buildup in Asia; global macroeconomic imbalances; financial sector liberalization; international capital flows to and from Asia; infrastructure financing in Asia; foreign direct investment (FDI) flows, production networks, manufacturing and outsourcing in Asia; the economic rise of China and India; and trade, financial and monetary regionalism in Asia. While the book covers important and often technical economic issues of contemporary policy relevance, it is written in a manner that is easily accessible to non-economists, including students of public policy, international affairs, international commerce and business, as well as policy-makers and interested observers.
Contents: Monetary and Exchange Rates Issues: Asia's Embarrassment of Riches: A Story of Prudence, Global Imbalances, and Some Good Old Fashioned Mercantilism; The Known Unknown: The Whopping US Current Account Deficit and Its Implications (With Surabhi Jain); Will the US Dollar Remain Top Dog ?: The Billion Dollar Question (With Jose Kiran); A Central Banker's Holy Grail: Inflation-Targeting Frameworks with Reference to Asia (With Tony Cavoli); Singapore s Currency Baskets and the Mantra of Competitiveness: The Importance of Real Exchange Rates; Financial Liberalization, Financial Crises and the Financing of Development: Barbarians at the Gates: Foreign Bank Entry in Asia; The Tobin Tax: A Panacea for Financial Crises?; International Capital Flows to Asia: The Never-ending Magic Spigot?; Using Reserves to Finance Infrastructure in India: Will it Clear the Gridlock?; The Goldmine of Development Finance: Reassessing the Importance of Migrants Remittances; Trade, Investment and the Rise of China and India: The Do s and Don ts of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment; Chips from East Asia, Hardware from Southeast Asia, and Assembled in China: Production Sharing and Trade in Asia; All Paths Lead to India: Do Other Asian Countries Pose a Challenge to Its Dominance in Services Outsourcing? (With Sadhana Srivastava); The Rise of the Indian Manufacturing Sector: A True Underdog Story; Will the Big Tiger Leave Any Crumbs for the Little Dragons? China vs Southeast Asia; Economic Regionalism in Asia: Embracing One s Neighbour: Redefining the Importance of India to ASEAN; Going It Alone: Singapore s Trade Strategy (With Rahul Sen); ASEAN Economic Integration: Taking Care of Business; Uncooperative Cooperation: The Saga of Economic Cooperation in South Asia; Monetary and Financial Cooperation in Asia: More than Just Buzzwords?.

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