Madness Explained  Psychosis and Human Nature Cover

Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature

ISBN/ASIN: 0713992492,9780713992496 | 2004 | English | mobi | 656/0 pages | 2.12 Mb
Publisher: Penguin Global | Author: Richard P. Bentall | Edition: First Edition

Today most of us accept the consensus that madness is a medical condition – an illness that can be identified, classified and treated with drugs like any other. In this work, Richard Bentall shatters the myths that surround madness. He shows that there is no reassuring dividing line between mental health and mental illness. Severe mental disorders can no longer be reduced to brain chemistry, but must be understood psychologically, as part of normal behaviour and human nature. Bentall argues that we need a radically new way of thinking about psychosis and its treatment. Could it be that it is fear of madness, rather than the madness itself, that is our problem?

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Category: Science

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