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Heart Development

ISBN/ASIN: 9780123298607 | 1998 | English | pdf | 499/499 pages | 55.4 Mb
Publisher: Academic Press | Author: Richard P. Harvey and Nadia Rosenthal (Eds.)

book is quite complete in scope… The numerous illustrations are remarkably well crafted, even gorgeous. The attention so obviously devoted by the authors and editors to these explanatory illustrations is esthetically rewarding and will be particularly valuable to readers with little background in developmental biology…Serious scholars and investigators in the field will want this book because it is the mose accessible, authoritative, and complete summary of cardiac development currently available, one that can serve as a reference for themselves, their students, and their laboratory personnel…the sheer beauty of the book, the usefulness of the index, and the clarity of the illustrations should provide both information and pleasure to a broad readership.''
–NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (April 1999)''Heart Development is therefore timely and important, and fills a void in the available literature… Often such volumes are so long in the making that they are out of date before they are published. Not this book. With up-to-date chapters written by many recognized authorities in the field of cardiac development, and clear, high quality illustrations (a particularly strong feature), the book will be valuable to graduate students, investigators in the basic sciences, and clinicians wishing to stay current in this field.''
–NATURE MEDICINE (March 1999)''The 28 chapters in Heart Development are very well written. The book is beautifully produced and contains many excellent diagrams… The volume is indispensable for those who work on the heart…''
–SCIENCE (February 1999)

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