Play 1d4! Cover

Play 1d4!

ISBN/ASIN: 0713488441,9780713488449 | 2003 | English | pdf | 240/290 pages | 30.4 Mb
Publisher: Batsford | Author: Richard Palliser

Here is a must-have for all competitive players who prefer to base their game on solid moves rather than speculation, and who want a reliable yet initiative-seeking opening repertoire for White, based on the opening moves 1 d4 followed by 2 c4. Using more than 300 diagrams, an international Grandmaster and regular writer for CHESS magazine analyzes specific main lines and variations to combat Black's possible choices of the King's, Queen's, and Bogoljubow-Indian defenses, as well as the Modern Benoni and Benko Gambit. There are also promising methods against the various Black defenses to the Queen's gambit, and commentary on the Dutch and Gruenfeld defenses. An excellent and practical opening guide.

Play 1d4!

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