Public Finance, Second Edition: A Normative Theory Cover

Public Finance, Second Edition: A Normative Theory

ISBN/ASIN: 0126990514,9780126990515 | 2002 | English | pdf | 950/924 pages | 9.79 Mb
Publisher: Academic Press | Author: Richard W. Tresch | Edition: 2

Public Finance is a classroom-oriented teaching text presenting mainstream normative public sector theory. It covers all of the subjects teachers expect in a logical sequence, tied together by a general equilibrium framework. The book discusses most of all the recent developments in public economics, including results connected with information theory, uncertainty, and mechanism design. It is fair to say that the value of the book lies not in its examination of the "frontiers" in public economics but rather in its presentation of a traditional, fundamental body of knowledge presented in an accessible, clear, and detailed manner. Material covered is essential for students because it represents the canon of public finance theory and will not quickly go out of fashion.

* Second edition provides new and updated information
* Focuses on the heart of public sector economics, including public expenditure theory and policy, tax theory and policy, cost benefit-analysis, and fiscal federalism
* Features a cohesive and versatile general equilibrium framework

Public Finance, Second Edition: A Normative Theory

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