Coincidance : A Head Test Cover

Coincidance : A Head Test

ISBN/ASIN: 1561840041,9781561840045 | 2008 | English | pdf | 258/126 pages | 12.3 Mb
Publisher: New Falcon Publications | Author: Robert Anton Wilson | Edition: Revised

No, the spelling of the title is not a mistake. Dance a mad dervish whirl of coincidence and synchronicity with Robert Anton Wilson and his dancing partners James Joyce, the Marquis de Sade, William S. Borroughs, Carl Jung, Timothy Leary, Bobbie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and a host of others.
Coincidance is one of Wilson's personal favorites. If you liked Prometheus Rising or Quantum Psychology, you will love Coincidance!

Coincidance : A Head Test

Category: Religion

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