Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring Cover

Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring

ISBN/ASIN: 9780471587071,9780470172940 | 1994 | English | pdf | 294/294 pages | 17.6 Mb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. | Author: Robert D. Gibbons(auth.)

This book explains the statistical methods used to analyze the huge volume of data that groundwater monitoring wells produce in a comprehensive manner accessible to engineers and scientists who may not have a strong background in statistics. In addition, the book provides statistical methods to make the most accurate use of the data and shows how to set up an effective monitoring system.
Chapter 1 Normal Prediction Intervals (pages 8–32):
Chapter 2 Nonparametric Prediction Intervals (pages 33–76):
Chapter 3 Prediction Intervals for Other Distributions (pages 77–83):
Chapter 4 Tolerance Intervals (pages 84–94):
Chapter 5 Method Detection Limits (pages 95–121):
Chapter 6 Practical Quantitation Limits (pages 122–131):
Chapter 7 Contaminant Source Analysis (pages 132–159):
Chapter 8 Intrawell Comparisons (pages 160–174):
Chapter 9 Trend Analysis (pages 175–185):
Chapter 10 Censored Data (pages 186–215):
Chapter 11 Tests for Departure from Normality (pages 216–235):
Chapter 12 Variance Component Models (pages 236–245):
Chapter 13 Detecting Outliers (pages 246–257):
Chapter 14 Applications to Regulatory Issues (pages 258–269):

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