Newton  A Very Short Introduction Cover

Newton: A Very Short Introduction

ISBN/ASIN: 0199298033,9780199298037 | 2007 | English | pdf | 144/161 pages | 3.22 Mb
Publisher: Oxford University Press | Author: Robert Iliffe

Newton's reputation was the subject of intense debate long before his death in 1727. While alive, numerous opponents sought to topple his theories, and his views on religion were considered by many to be unorthodox. For the vast majority of scholars, however, his groundbreaking approach to science overrode all else.
This book makes use of previously unpublished private writings and manuscript sources to present a concise exploration of the internal springs of Newton's complex character. Robert Iliffe describes Newton's studies in fields ranging from alchemy, physics, and mathematics, as well as his controversial religious beliefs, and concludes with a consideration of the legacy left after his demise. Newton will gratify readers who are interested in the real history behind one of the world's most legendary scientists.

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Category: Science

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