Irradiation of Polymers. Fundamentals and Technological Applications Cover

Irradiation of Polymers. Fundamentals and Technological Applications

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841233775,9780841215573,0841233772 | 1996 | English | pdf | 435/435 pages | 34.3 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Roger L. Clough and Shalaby W. Shalaby (Eds.)

Content: High-energy ion irradiation effects on polymer materials / H. Kudoh, T. Sasuga, and T. Seguchi —
Mechanistic studies on the radiation chemistry of poly(hydroxybutyrate) / Trudy Carswell-Pomerantz, Limin Dong, David J.T. Hill, James H. O'Donnell, and Peter J. Pomery —
Radiation-induced energy and charge transport in polystyrene : laser photolysis and pulse radiolysis comparative study / Guohong Zhang and J.K. Thomas —
Photoionization in polymer films / Guohong Zhang and J.K. Thomas —
Radiation chemistry of polybutene-1 / W. Ken Busfield and Gregory S. Watson —
Anisotropic properties in ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene after cobalt-60 irradiation / J.V. Hamilton, K.W. Greer, P. Ostiguy, and P.N. Pai —
Computer simulation of polymer network formation by radiation cross-linking / Eric S. Castner and Vassilios Galiatsatos —
Low-voltage electron-beam simulation using the Integrated Tiger Series Monte Carlo code and calibration through radiochromic dosimetry / Douglas E. Weiss, Harvey W. Kalweit, and Ronald P. Kensek —
A recent advance in the determination of scission and cross-linking yields of gamma-ray irradiated polymers / David J.T. Hill, K.A. Milne, James H. O'Donnell, and Peter J. Pomery —
Determination of new chain-end groups in irradiated polyisobutylene by NMR spectroscopy / David J.T. Hill, James H. O'Donnell, M.C. Senake Perera, and Peter J. Pomery —
Radiochromic solid-state polymerization reaction / William L. McLaughlin, Mohamad Al-Sheikhly, D.F. Lewis, A. Kovács, and L. Wojnárovits —
Deposition of plasma-polymerized styrene under ion bombardment / Jung H. Lee, Dong S. Kim, and Young H. Lee —
Synthesis of polysaccharide chemical gels by gamma-ray irradiation / Annamaria Paparella and Kinam Park —
Interpenetrating polymer network formation by electron-beam curing of acrylated epoxy resin blends / Mohamad Al-Sheikhly and William L. McLaughlin —
Electron processing of carbon-fiber-reinforced advanced composites : a status report / Ajit Singh, Chris B. Saunders, Vince J. Lopata, Walter Kremers, Tom E. McDougall, Miyoko Tateishi, and Minda Chung —
Electron-beam manufacturing of tank track pads / Byron J. Lambert, Ahmed A. Basfar, Walter J. Chappas, and Joseph Silverman —
Gas-plasma sterilization / Paul T. Jacobs and Szu-Min Lin —
Radiation sterilization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals / Karen J.L. Burg and Shalaby W. Shalaby —
Radiochemical sterilization : a new approach to medical device processing / Shalaby W. Shalaby and C.L. Linden, Jr. —
Advances in food irradiation research / Karen J.L. Burg and Shalaby W. Shalaby —
Molecular-level response of selected polymeric materials to the low earth orbit environment / Philip Young, Emilie J. Siochi, and Wayne S. Slemp —
Effects of gamma-ray irradiation on thermal and tensile properties of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene systems / M. Deng, R.A. Johnson, R.A. Latour, Jr., and Shalaby W. Shalaby —
Effects of ionizing radiation on the optical properties of polymers / Julie P. Harmon, Emmanuel Biagtan, Gregory T. Schueneman, and E.P. Goldberg —
Temperature effects in gamma-ray irradiation of organic insulators for superconducting magnets for fusion reactors / H. Kudoh, N. Kasai, T. Sasuga, and T. Seguchi —
Radiation-induced effects in ethylene-propylene copolymer with antioxidant / Stefania Baccaro —
Development of an accelerated aging method for evaluation of long-term irradiation effects on ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene implants / D.C. Sun, C. Stark, and J.H. Dumbleton —
Performance of polymeric materials as shielding for cosmic radiation / M.Y. Kim, S.A. Thibeault, J.W. Wilson, R.L. Kiefer, and R.A. Orwoll —
Advanced materials and forms : photosensitive metathesis polymers / A. Mühlebach and U. Schaedeli —
Polymeric imaging material based on an acid-catalyzed main-chain cleavage reaction / M. Hiro and J.M.J. Fréchet —
X-ray lithography with environmentally stable chemical amplification positive resist / Hiroshi Ito, Greg Breyta, Don Hofer, Andrew Pomerene, Karen Petrillo, and David Seeger —
Silylating reagents with high silicon contents for dry-developed positive-tone resists for extreme-UV (13.5 nm) and deep-UV (248 nm) microlithography / David Wheeler, Eric Scharrer, Glenn Kubiak, Richard Hutton, Susan Stein, Ray Cirelli, Frank Baiocchi, May Cheng, Craig Boyce, and Gary Taylor.

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