Combined-Cycle Gas and Steam Turbine Power Plants Cover

Combined-Cycle Gas and Steam Turbine Power Plants

ISBN/ASIN: 0878147365,9780878147366 | 1997 | English | zip | 298/0 pages | 56.7 Mb
Publisher: PennWell | Author: Rolf Kehlhofer

This book is the leading reference on technical and economic factors of combined-cycle applicators within the utility and congregation markets. Kehlhofer – an internationally recognized authority on the field of new combined-cycle power plants – and his co-authors give you tips on system layout, details on control and automation, and operating instructions. They provide case studies, reference tables, more that 150 figures, and real-world examples applicable to your own applications. Contents: Introduction The electricity market Thermodynamic principles of the combined-cycle plant Combined-cycle concepts Applications of combined-cycles Components Control and automation Operating and part load behavior Environmental considerations Developmental trends Typical combined-cycle plants Conclusion Appendices (conversions, calculation of the operating performance of combined-cycle installations, symbols and indices used) Bibliography.

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