Graph Theory Cover

Graph Theory

ISBN/ASIN: 0486498069,9780486498065 | 2012 | English | epub | 352/0 pages | 11.1 Mb
Publisher: Dover Publications | Author: Ronald Gould | Edition: Reprint

This introduction to graph theory focuses on well-established topics, covering primary techniques and including both algorithmic and theoretical problems. The algorithms are presented with a minimum of advanced data structures and programming details. This thoroughly corrected 1988 edition provides insights to computer scientists as well as advanced undergraduates and graduate students of topology, algebra, and matrix theory.
Fundamental concepts and notation and elementary properties and operations are the first subjects, followed by examinations of paths and searching, trees, and networks. Subsequent chapters explore cycles and circuits, planarity, matchings, and independence. The text concludes with considerations of special topics and applications and extremal theory. Exercises appear throughout the text.

Graph Theory

Category: Science

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