Handbook of Separation Process Technology Cover

Handbook of Separation Process Technology

ISBN/ASIN: 047189558X,9780471895589 | 1987 | English | pdf | 1024/1068 pages | 50.8 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience | Author: Ronald W. Rousseau | Edition: 1

Surveys the selection, design, and operation of most of the industrially important separation processes. Discusses the underlying principles on which the processes are based, and provides illustrative examples of the use of the processes in a modern context. Features thorough treatment of newer separation processes based on membranes, adsorption, chromatography, ion exchange, and chemical complexation. Includes a review of historically important separation processes such as distillation, absorption, extraction, leaching, and crystallization and considers these techniques in light of recent developments affecting them.

Handbook of Separation Process Technology

Category: Engineering

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