Mathematical Gems, Vol. 3 Cover

Mathematical Gems, Vol. 3

ISBN/ASIN: 0883853132,9780883853139 | 1985 | English | pdf | 250/259 pages | 6.06 Mb
Publisher: Mathematical Assn of Amer | Author: Ross Honsberger

Ross Honsberger is the author of six books published in the Dolciani Mathematical Expositions Series, each of which presents problems from algebra, arithmetic, number theory, probability, and geometry, and provides us with an ingenious solution to those problems. His most recent addition to the Dolciani series is: "More Mathematical Morsels" which is a continuation of the earlier "Mathematical Morsels" volume published in 1979. The problems presented here are meant to be enjoyed, rather than instruct, although instruction is almost always the automatic by-product. All of the problems in this collection are concerned only with elementary problems, but each of them contains something exciting – a surprising result, an intriguing approach, a stroke of ingenuity.

Mathematical Gems, Vol. 3

Category: Science

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