The Languages of China  incomplete  Cover

The Languages of China [incomplete]

ISBN/ASIN: 0691066949,9780691066943 | 1992 | English | pdf | 355/360 pages | 75.7 Mb
Publisher: Princeton University Press | Author: S.Robert Ramsey

"In producing a book on China as a linguistic area, the ideal is a comprehensive and accurate account that places China's linguistic diversity in a meaningful historical, geographical, and social context. Ramsey has succeeded admirably in achieving this end."–Jerome L. Packard, The Journal of Asian Studies ". . . a unique and brilliant work. . . . Ramsey integrates nearly all of the gains of modern research on the Chinese language and skillfully presents the results in a concise, interesting, and comprehensible manner."–Charles N. Li, American Anthropologist ". . . I find The Languages of China a pleasure in virtually all respects. It is extremely easy to read, full of useful information, and beautifully produced."–Victor H. Mair, Pacific Affairs

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