The Jordan River Dispute Cover

The Jordan River Dispute

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In spite of the importance of the Jordan River dispute, there has been no comprehensive and systematic study of the problem. What few articles have been written so far have been fragmentary and essentially dealt with the history of the dispute. M. G. Ionides, in "The Disputed Waters of Jordan," Middle East Journal, Vol. 7 (I953), pp. I53 ff., Georgiana Stevens, in the "Jordan River V alley," International C on­ ciliation, No. 506 (I956), and more recently, Kathryn B. Doherty, in "The Jordan Waters Conflict," International Conciliation, No. 533 (I965), elaborate this theme. H. A. Smith, in the "Waters of the Jordan: a Problem of International Water Control," International Affairs, Vol. 25 (I949), pp. 4I5 ff. has been the exception. However, his work is outdated in that many other factors have entered the picture since I949. My purpose in writing this study is twofold. First, I have sought to update the writings in this field. Second, it is hoped that the findings of this study will give a clearer and a more objective insight into the problems involved. Primary sources for this study include United Nations documents, Arab and Israeli government publications, federal and international law cases dealing with river disputes, treaties, and newspapers. Sec­ ondary source materials include books, articles in learned journals, and others.

The Jordan River Dispute

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