Technology of Plasticizers Cover

Technology of Plasticizers

ISBN/ASIN: 9781591245872,9780471055839,1591245877,0471055832 | 1982 | English | rar | 1174/0 pages | 17.6 Mb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons | Author: Sears, J. Kern; Darby, Joseph R.

This book was written for young researchers in polymer and plasticizer application areas and for fabricators who need to know how plasticizers affect processing of their resins, and which one will most closely give the final properties they want. It also applies to formulators whose customers complain that the product did not do its job right or did not last as long as it should have—and do not know why, as well as plasticizer salespersons who must answer customers' questions and polymer scientists who feel that anything added to their polymer must surely adulterate it. Academia will also benefit. Professors and students who want to broaden their understanding of nature and of matter around and within us should find this book very helpful.
• Front Matter
• Preface
• Table of Contents
1. Plasticizers: What and Why
2. Mechanism of Plasticizer Action
3. Theories of Compatibility
4. Plasticization of Polyvinyl Chloride: The Dominant Example
5. Plasticizer Effects in PVC: Effects on Physical Properties
6. Permanence of Plasticized PVC: Physical Effects
7. Permanence of Plasticized PVC: Heat Stability
8. Weathering: Light Stability and Radiation Resistance of Plasticized PVC
9. Foamed Plasticized PVC
• Index

Technology of Plasticizers

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