Distibuted Systems: Design and Algorithms Cover

Distibuted Systems: Design and Algorithms

ISBN/ASIN: 184821250X,9781848212503 | 2011 | English | pdf | 336/324 pages | 5.09 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-ISTE | Author: Serge Haddad, Fabrice Kordon, Laurent Pautet, Laure Petrucci | Edition: 1

In today’s digital environment, distributed systems are increasingly present in a wide variety of environments, ranging from public software applications to critical systems.
Distributed Systems introduces the underlying concepts, the associated design techniques and the related security issues.
Distributed Systems: Design and Algorithms, is dedicated to engineers, students, and anyone familiar with algorithms and programming, who want to know more about distributed systems.
These systems are characterized by: several components with one or more threads, possibly running on different processors; asynchronous communications with possible additional assumptions (reliability, order preserving, etc.); local views for every component and no shared data between components. This title presents distributed systems from a point of view dedicated to their design and their main principles: the main algorithms are described and placed in their application context, i.e. consistency management and the way they are used in distributed file-systems.

Distibuted Systems: Design and Algorithms

Category: Development

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