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Shakespeare’s Theater: A Source Book

ISBN/ASIN: 9781405111935,9780470752975 | 2003 | English | pdf | 386/386 pages | 2.32 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Shakespeare’s Theater: A Sourcebook brings together in one volume the most significant Elizabethan and Jacobean texts on the morality of the theater.

A collection of the most significant Elizabethan and Jacobean texts on the morality of the theater.
Includes attacks on the stage by moralists, defences by actors and playwrights, letters by magistrates, mayors and aldermen of London, and extracts from legislation.
Demonstrates just how heated debates about the theater became in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.
A general introduction and short prefaces to each piece situate the writers and debates in the literary, social, political and religious history of the time.
Brings together in one volume texts that would otherwise be hard to locate.
Student-friendly – uses modern spelling and includes vocabulary glosses and annotation. Content:
Chapter 1 A Treatise Against Dicing, Dancing, Plays, and Interludes, with other Idle Pastimes (1577) (pages 1–18): John Northbrooke
Chapter 2 The School of Abuse (1579) (pages 19–33): Stephen Gosson
Chapter 3 An Apology of the School of Abuse (1579) (pages 34–36): Stephen Gosson
Chapter 4 A Reply to Stephen Gosson's School of Abuse, in Defence of Poetry, Music, and Stage Plays (1579) (pages 37–61): Thomas Lodge
Chapter 5 A Second and Third Blast of Retreat from Plays and Theaters (1580) (pages 62–83): Anthony Munday
Chapter 6 Plays Confuted in Five Actions (1582) (pages 84–114): Stephen Gosson
Chapter 7 Anatomy of Abuses (1583) (pages 115–123): Philip Stubbes
Chapter 8 A Mirror of Monsters (1587) (pages 124–134): William Rankins
Chapter 9 The Art of English Poesy (1589) (pages 135–145): George Puttenham
Chapter 10 An Apology For Poetry (1595) (pages 146–165): Philip Sidney
Chapter 11 The Theatre of God's Judgments (1597) (pages 166–169): Thomas Beard
Chapter 12 The Overthrow of Stage?Plays (1599) (pages 170–178): John Rainolds
Chapter 13 Letter to Dr. John Rainolds (1592) (pages 179–187): William Gager
Chapter 14 Virtue's Commonwealth (1603) (pages 188–197): Henry Crosse
Chapter 15 Preface to Volpone (1607) (pages 198–205): Ben Jonson
Chapter 16 The Gull's Horn Book (1609) (pages 206–212): Thomas Dekker
Chapter 17 An Apology for Actors (1612) (pages 213–254): Thomas Heywood
Chapter 18 A Refutation of the Apology for Actors (1615) (pages 255–273): I. G. John Greene
Chapter 19 Letter to Revd. Mr. Sutton (1616) (pages 274–278): Nathan Field
Chapter 20 Histriomastix: The Player's Scourge (1633) (pages 279–298): William Prynne
Chapter 21 Discoveries (1641) (pages 297–300): Ben Jonson
Chapter 22 Legal Acts and Correspondence Pertaining to the Theater (pages 301–336):

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