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How to Lose Your Virginity

ISBN/ASIN: 1439269998,9781439269992 | 2009 | English | mobi | 236/0 pages | 2.57 Mb
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing | Author: Shawn Wickens

Whether stud or dud, hot dish or cold fish, you’re never the same after you first “do the deed.” But how wild, weird, or earth shattering was it for your neighbor, the person next to you on the bus, or your veterinarian? In How to Lose Your Virginity… and How Not To, compiled from 1,000 face-to-face interviews across North America, Shawn Wickens makes us transfixed voyeurs in scores of others’ seminal “coming” of age moments.

From Kelsie Testa in Jerk Magazine: "A compilation of shocking yet heartwarming tales of orifices, secretions, and vulgarity that pleasantly ends in an orgasm. From condom follies to mixed-race orgies, Wickens proves that no formula exists when it comes to this seminal and 'ground-breaking' event….

One central message remains the same for all of these first-timers: losing your virginity is weird and exhilarating, whether you lost it with your middle-school bus driver named Frank at age 13 or you waited until marriage."

Featured in the New York Daily News, The Huffington Post and Breakthru Radio calls How to Lose Your Virginity, "…an entertaining and enlightening read for virgins and non-virgins alike."

A portion of the proceeds is donated to RAINN (Rape and Incest National Network)

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