Vistas of Special Functions Cover

Vistas of Special Functions

ISBN/ASIN: 9812707743,9789812707741 | 2007 | English | pdf | 228/228 pages | 3.54 Mb
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company | Author: Shigeru Kanemitsu, Haruo Tsukada

This is a unique book for studying special functions through zeta-functions. Many important formulas of special functions scattered throughout the literature are located in their proper positions and readers get enlightened access to them in this book. The areas covered include: Bernoulli polynomials, the gamma function (the beta and the digamma function), the zeta-functions (the Hurwitz, the Lerch, and the Epstein zeta-function), Bessel functions, an introduction to Fourier analysis, finite Fourier series, Dirichlet L-functions, the rudiments of complex functions and summation formulas. The Fourier series for the (first) periodic Bernoulli polynomial is effectively used, familiarizing the reader with the relationship between special functions and zeta-functions.

Vistas of Special Functions

Category: Science

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