Single Cell Analysis  Technologies and Applications Cover

Single Cell Analysis: Technologies and Applications

ISBN/ASIN: 9783527318643,9783527626649 | 2009 | English | pdf | 271/271 pages | 4.20 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

The first-ever comprehensive overview of the methods used in this key technology in modern biology provides the latest working knowledge needed by every scientist entering this growing field. It covers all the current technology and application areas, from microscopy and spectroscopy to proteomics and microfluidics.Content:
Chapter 1 Single Molecule Fluorescence Monitoring in Eukaryotic Cells: Intranuclear Dynamics of Splicing Factors (pages 1–17): Ulrich Kubitscheck
Chapter 2 Gene Classification and Quantitative Analysis of Gene Regulation in Bacteria Using Single Cell Atomic Force Microscopy and Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy (pages 19–37): Robert Ros and Nicole Hansmeier
Chapter 3 Cellular Cryo?Electron Tomography (CET): Towards a Voyage to the Inner Space of Cells (pages 39–68): Juergen M. Plitzko
Chapter 4 Single Cell Proteomics (pages 67–89): Norman J. Dovichi, Shen Hu, David Michels, Danqian Mao and Amy Dambrowitz
Chapter 5 Protein Analysis of Single Cells in Microfluidic Format (pages 91–107): Alexandra Ros and Dominik Greif
Chapter 6 Single Cell Mass Spectrometry (pages 109–133): Elena V. Romanova, Stanislav S. Rubakhin, Eric B. Monroe and Jonathan V. Sweedler
Chapter 7 Single Cell Analysis for Quantitative Systems Biology (pages 135–160): Luke P. Lee and Dino Di Carlo
Chapter 8 Optical Stretcher for Single Cells (pages 161–174): Karla Muller, Anatol Fritsch, Tobias Kiessling, Marc Grosseruschkamp and Josef A. Kas
Chapter 9 Single Cell Immunology (pages 173–195): Ulrich Walter and Jan Buer
Chapter 10 Molecular Characterization of Rare Single Tumor Cells (pages 197–221): James F. Leary
Chapter 11 Single Cell Heterogeneity (pages 223–234): Edgar A. Arriaga
Chapter 12 Genome and Transcriptome Analysis of Single Tumor Cells (pages 235–249): Bernhard Polzer, Claudia H. Hartmann and Christoph A. Klein

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