Micellar enhanced ultrafiltration   fundamentals & applications Cover

Micellar enhanced ultrafiltration : fundamentals & applications

ISBN/ASIN: 9781439895689,1439895686 | 2012. | English | pdf | xvi, 200 p. : ill. ; 24 cm./217 pages | 8.39 Mb
Publisher: Taylor & Francis | Author: Sirshendu De, Sourav Mondal.

"Micellar enhanced ultrafiltration employs surfactant micelles to solubilize inorganic and organic pollutants from the effluent stream with about 90% efficiency. Illustrating the theory of surfactants, this book presents state-of-the-art research with a detailed description of various aspects of this technology. It covers the fundamentals, selection of surfactants, capability of pollutant removal efficiency, recovery of surfactants, as well as various flux enhancement techniques and the problems associated with them. The text focuses on wastewater treatment and includes case studies, examples, and applications such as the recovery of precious metals and the use of biosurfactants"–  Read more…
Pollution and Importance of Micellar-Enhanced Ultrafiltration Sources of Water Pollution Types of Pollutants and Sources Conventional Treatment Processes Membrane-Based Separation Process Micellar-Enhanced Ultrafiltration Fundamentals of Membrane Separation and Ultrafiltration Fundamentals Membrane Modules Operational Problems Modeling of Concentration Polarization Applications of Ultrafiltration Surfactants Types of Surfactants Structure Properties Formation of Micelle Thermodynamics of Micelle Stability Micelle Characteristics Counterion Binding to Micelles Effects on Micelle Formation Selection of Surfactant Ionic Surfactant Nonionic Surfactant Removal of Inorganic Pollutants Single Component System Multicomponent System Removal of Organic Pollutants Removal of Single Component System Removal of Multicomponent System (Exclusively Organic) Organic-Inorganic Mixture Permeate Flux: Influencing Factors Application of External Electric Field Surface Modification Hydrodynamic Modifications Recovery of Surfactants Recovery of Anionic Surfactant Recovery of Cationic Surfactant Other Applications of Micellar-Enhanced Ultrafiltration Recovery of Precious Metal Ions Recovery of Bioactive Compounds Enantioselective Micelles for Separation of Racemic Mixture Preconcentration Applications Appendix: CMC Values of Some Surfactants

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