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Small Islands: Marine Science and Sustainable Development

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About The ProductPublished by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies Series.
Small tropical and subtropical islands are particularly attuned to the effects of the surrounding ocean and atmosphere. Frequently, these islands are densely populated and rely on the sea for sustenance and economic viability. Oftentimes too, individual island nations do not have the resources to address issues in oceanography and marine meteorology that are central to their future well-being. United Nations agencies, government and non-government organizations, and universities are dimly aware of their role to enhance collaboration between natural scientists and resource managers, particularly for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Accordingly, a meeting entitled "Small Island Oceanography in Relation to Sustainable Economic Development and Related Coastal Area Management" was held in Martinique, French Antilles, November 8-10, 1993.
Chapter 1 Ocean Science in Relation to Sustainable Economic Development and Coastal Area Management of Small Islands (pages 1–17): George A. Maul
Chapter 2 Observations and Modeling of Mesoscale Ocean Circulation Near a Small Island (pages 18–35): Malcolm J. Bowman, David E. Dietrich and Charles A. Lin
Chapter 3 Descriptive Physical Oceanography of the Caribbean Sea (pages 36–55): Artemio Gallegos
Chapter 4 Oceanic Features Influencing Small Island Circulation Patterns (pages 56–70): Roy A. Watlington and Maria C. Donoso
Chapter 5 Subtidal Circulation in Fort?De?France Bay (pages 71–82): Pascal Lazure, Jean Claude Salomon and Maruerite Breton
Chapter 6 Sea Level, Tides, and Tsunamis (pages 83–119): George A. Maul, Malcolm D. Hendry and Paolo A. Pirazzoli
Chapter 7 Practical Aspects of Physical Oceanography for Small Island States (pages 120–131): Judith Wolf
Chapter 8 Design Values of Extreme Winds in Small Island States (pages 132–145): Calvin R. Gray
Chapter 9 A Real?Time System for Forecasting Hurricane Storm Surges Over the French Antilles (pages 146–156): Pierre Daniel
Chapter 10 Geography of Small Tropical Islands (pages 157–187): Orman E. Granger
Chapter 11 Small Island Geology (pages 188–204): Georges Vernette
Chapter 12 The Geological Legacy of Small Islands at the Caribbean?Atlantic Boundary (pages 205–224): Malcolm D. Hendry
Chapter 13 Geology and Development Facilities of Small Islands Belonging to the Atlantic Margin of Africa and Europe (pages 225–237): Andre Klingebiel and Georges Vernette
Chapter 14 Beach Erosion and Mitigation (pages 238–249): Guillermo Garcia Montero and Jose L. Juanes Marti
Chapter 15 Surficial Geology on the Insular Shelf of Martinique (French West Indies) (pages 250–265): Francoise Durand, Ckude Augris and Patrice Castaing
Chapter 16 Littoral Ecological Stability and Economic Development in Small Island States (pages 266–283): Vance P. Vicente
Chapter 17 Microbial Water Quality on a Caribbean Island (Martinique) (pages 284–297): Monique Pommepuy, Annick Derrien, Francoise Le Guyader, Dominique Menard, Marie?Paule Caprais, Eric Dubois, Elizabeth Dupray and Michele Gourmelon
Chapter 18 Fisheries of Small Island States and Their Oceanographic Research and Information Needs (pages 298–322): Robin Mahon
Chapter 19 Towards Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Small Island States (pages 323–328): Gillian Cambers
Chapter 20 Water Supply and Sewerage in a Small Island Environment (pages 329–340): Richard V. Cant
Chapter 21 Coastal and Marine Environments of Pacific Islands (pages 341–365): Paul F. Holthus
Chapter 22 Coastal Management, Oceanography, and Sustainability of Small Island Developing States (pages 366–384): Paul H. Templet
Chapter 23 Sustainable Development and Small Island States of the Caribbean (pages 385–419): Erik Blommestein, Barbara Boland, Trevor Harker, Swinburne Lestrade and Judith Towle
Chapter 24 Socio?Economic Databases in the Caribbean (pages 420–436): Lancelot A. Busby
Chapter 25 Numerical Modeling of Small Island Socio?Economics to Achieve Sustainable Development (pages 437–463): Guy Engelen, Roger White, Inge Uljee and Serge Wargnies

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