Requirements Engineering - A Good Practice Guide Cover

Requirements Engineering – A Good Practice Guide

ISBN/ASIN: 9781601192486,9780471974444,1601192487 | 1997 | English | pdf | 391/395 pages | 4.04 Mb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons | Author: Sommerville, Ian; Sawyer, Pete

Requirements engineering is the process of discovering, documenting and managing the requirements for a computer-based system. The goal of requirements engineering is to produce a set of system requirements which, as far as possible, is complete, consistent, relevant and reflects what the customer actually wants. Although this ideal is probably unattainable, the use of a systematic approach based on engineering principles leads to better requirements than the informal approach which is still commonly used. This book presents a set of guidelines which reflect the best practice in requirements engineering. Based on the authors' experience in research and in software and systems development, these guidelines explain in an easy-to-understand way how you can improve your requirements engineering processes. The guidelines are applicable for any type of application and, in general, apply to both systems and software engineering.
• Front Matter
• Preface
• Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Practical Process Improvement
3. The Requirements Document
4. Requirements Elicitation
5. Requirements Analysis and Negotiation
6. Describing Requirements
7. System Modelling
8. Requirements Validation
9. Requirements Management
10. Requirements Engineering for Critical Systems
11. System Modelling with Structured Methods
12. Formal Specification
13. Viewpoints

Requirements Engineering – A Good Practice Guide

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