The Social Control of Cities?  A Comparative Perspective Cover

The Social Control of Cities?: A Comparative Perspective

ISBN/ASIN: 9780631205203,9780470712757 | 2000 | English | pdf | 320/320 pages | 2.73 Mb
Publisher: Sophie Body?Gendrot | Author: Sophie Body?Gendrot(auth.)

In this ground-breaking study, Sophie Body-Gendrot provides a comparative analysis of the growing problem of new forms of poverty and social marginalisation in contemporary advanced societies.
Chapter 1 Economic Globalization and Urban Unrest (pages 4–27):
Chapter 2 Law?Enforcement in the USA (pages 28–64):
Chapter 3 Solidarity and Social Prevention in France (pages 65–101):
Chapter 4 Managing Polarization: New York and Chicago (pages 108–179):
Chapter 5 Managing Polarization: Paris, Marseilles, and Lyons (pages 180–225):
Chapter 6 Conclusion: The Social Control of Cities? (pages 227–261):

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