Encyclopedia of Cell Technology, Volumes 1-2 Cover

Encyclopedia of Cell Technology, Volumes 1-2

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons | Author: Spier, Raymond E. (Eds.)

This encyclopedia brings together up-to-date information on all key aspects of plant and animal cell technology in a single resource. Covers scientific, historical, and ethical aspects of biotechnology. Synthesizes a wealth of information in a valuable one-stop resource. Invaluable to researchers working animal or plant cell technology.
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Acclimatization to Aseptic Techniques in Cell Culture
Bioreactor Culture of Plant Organs to Bryophyte in vitro Cultures, Secondary Products
Cell and Cell Line Characterization to Culture of Conifers
Dicotyledons to Disease Resistance in Transgenic Plants
Embryogenesis in Angiosperms, Somatic to Ethical Issues in Animal and Plant Cell Technology
Flow Cytometry of Plant Cells to Flux Analysis of Mammalian Cell Culture: Methods and Applications
Genetic Engineering: Animal Cell Technology to Germplasm Preservation of in vitro Plant Cultures
Hairy Roots, Bioreactor Growth to History of Animal Cell Technology
ICH GCP Guidelines: Preparation, Conduct and Reporting of Clinical Trials to Immuno Flow Injection Analysis in Bioprocess Control
Measurement of Cell Viability to Moss, Molecular Tools for Phenotypic Analysis
Off-Line Analysis in Animal Cell Culture, Methods to On-Line Analysis in Animal Cell Culture
Physiology of Plant Cells in Culture to Protoplast Fusion for the Generation of Unique Plants
Receptors and Cell Signaling, Intracellular Receptors to Steroid Hormones and NO
Seaweeds: Cell and Tissue Suspension Cultures to Sterilization and Decontamination
Toxin Resistant Plants from Plant Cell Culture and Transformation to Transformation of Plants
Viral Inactivation, Emerging Technologies for Human Blood Products to Virus Removal from Plants

Encyclopedia of Cell Technology, Volumes 1-2

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