Spiny Lobsters  Fisheries and Culture, Second Edition Cover

Spiny Lobsters: Fisheries and Culture, Second Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780852382646,9780470698808 | 2000 | English | pdf | 690/690 pages | 19.1 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Spiny lobsters are among the world's most valuable and highly prized seafoods, captured and marketed in over 90 countries. Demand for spiny lobsters has escalated in the past two decades, spurring the need both for better management and for research on which to base that management.
Spiny lobster aquaculture, however, now appears to be a real possibility, some countries have already approved the legislation, and it may be only a few years before this becomes the major source. The book opens with a brief review of the general biology, distribution, fishing techniques etc. but the major emphasis is on the latest management strategies, developments in aquaculture, marketing and economics. A special feature of the book will be detailed reviews of the spiny lobster fishery, research activities and marketing process in Japan, where customers are willing to pay more than US$50 per pound for live lobsters.Content:
Chapter 1 The Status of Australia's Rock Lobster Fisheries (pages 43–77): B.F. Phillips, C.F. Chubb and R. Melville?Smith
Chapter 2 New Zealand's Rock Lobster Fisheries (pages 78–89): J.D. Booth
Chapter 3 Fisheries for Spiny Lobsters in the Tropical Indo?West Pacific (pages 90–97): J.L. Munro
Chapter 4 The Lobster Fishery in the North?Western Hawaiian Islands (pages 98–104): J.J. Polovina
Chapter 5 The Commercial Fisheries for Jasus and Palinurus Species in the South?East Atlantic and South?West Indian Oceans (pages 105–120): D.E. Pollock, A.C. Cockcroft, J.C. Groeneveld and D.S. Schoeman
Chapter 6 The State of the Lobster Fishery in North?East Brazil (pages 121–134): A.A. Fonteles?Filho
Chapter 7 The Cuban Spiny Lobster Fishery (pages 135–152): J.A. Baisre
Chapter 8 The Atlantic Spiny Lobster Resources of Central America (pages 153–168): N.M. Ehrhardt
Chapter 9 The Spiny Lobster Fisheries in Mexico (pages 169–188): P. Briones?Fourzan and E. Lozano?Alvarez
Chapter 10 Status of the Fishery for Panulirus argus in Florida (pages 189–199): J. H. Hunt
Chapter 11 The French Fisheries for the European Spiny Lobster Palinurus elephas (pages 200–209): H.J. Ceccaldi and D. Latrouite
Chapter 12 The Galapagos Spiny Lobster Fishery (pages 210–220): R.H. Bustamante, G.K. Reck, B.I. Ruttenberg and J. Polovina
Chapter 13 The Spiny Lobster Fishery in Japan and Restocking (pages 221–242): M. Nonaka, H. Fushimi and T. Yamakawa
Chapter 14 Reproductive Biology: Issues for Management (pages 243–275): C.F. Chubb
Chapter 15 Puerulus and Juvenile Ecology (pages 276–301): M.J. Butler and W.F. Herrnkind
Chapter 16 Stock Identity of the Red (Jasus edwardsii) and Green (Jasus verreauxi) Rock Lobsters Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA Analysis (pages 302–320): J.R. Ovenden and D.J. Brasher
Chapter 17 Spiny Lobster Catches and the Ocean Environment (pages 321–333): B.F. Phillips, A.F. Pearce, R. Litchfield and S. Guzman del Proo
Chapter 18 Measurement of Catch and Fishing Effort in the Western Rock Lobster Fishery (pages 334–356): N. Caputi, C.F. Chubb, N.G. Hall and R.S. Brown
Chapter 19 Predicting the Catch of Spiny Lobster Fisheries (pages 357–375): B.F. Phillips, R. Cruz, N. Caputi and R.S. Brown
Chapter 20 Bioeconomic Modelling of the New Zealand Fishery for Red Rock Lobsters (Jasus edwardsii) (pages 376–385): P.A. Breen, D.J. Gilbert and K. Chant
Chapter 21 Modelling for Management: The Western Rock Lobster Fishery (pages 386–399): N.G. Hall and R.S. Brown
Chapter 22 The Artificial Shelters (Pesqueros) used for the Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Fisheries in Cuba (pages 400–419): R. Cruz and B.F. Phillips
Chapter 23 The use of Artificial Shelters (Casitas) in Research and Harvesting of Caribbean Spiny Lobsters in Mexico (pages 420–446): P. Briones?Fourzan, E. Lozano?Alvarez and D.B. Eggleston
Chapter 24 Recreational Spiny Lobster Fisheries—Research and Management (pages 447–461): R. Melville?Smith, B.F. Phillips and J. Penn
Chapter 25 Prospectus for Aquaculture (pages 465–473): J. Kittaka and J.D. Booth
Chapter 26 Maturation (pages 474–484): K Nakamura
Chapter 27 Breeding (pages 485–507): A.B. MacDiarmid and J Kittaka
Chapter 28 Culture of Larval Spiny Lobsters (pages 508–532): J. Kittaka
Chapter 29 Water Quality and Microflora in the Culture Water of Phyllosomas (pages 533–555): M.A. Igarashi and J. Kittaka
Chapter 30 Spiny Lobster Growout (pages 556–585): J. D. Booth and J. Kittaka
Chapter 31 Diseases of Spiny Lobsters (pages 586–600): L.H. Evans, J.B. Jones and J.A. Brock
Chapter 32 Functional Morphology of the Digestive System (pages 601–610): S. Mikami and F. Takashima
Chapter 33 Nutrition and Food (pages 611–624): A. Kanazawa
Chapter 34 Colour and Taste (pages 625–632): S. Konosu and K. Yamaguchi
Chapter 35 Shipping (pages 633–640): H. Sugita and Y. Deguchi
Chapter 36 Export Marketing of Australian and New Zealand Spiny Lobsters (pages 641–653): R.N. Stevens and D. Sykes
Chapter 37 Marketing and Distribution in Japan (pages 654–663): M. Tsuruta and J. Kittaka
Chapter 38 Perspectives (pages 667–672): B.F. Phillips

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