AstroFAQs: Questions Amateur Astronomers Frequently Ask Cover

AstroFAQs: Questions Amateur Astronomers Frequently Ask

ISBN/ASIN: 9781852332723,9781447104391 | 2000 | English | pdf | 102/113 pages | 3.29 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag London | Author: Stephen F. Tonkin (auth.) | Edition: 1

An increasing number of people are taking advantage of the relatively low prices of astronomical equipment. Many of these people are doing so with little knowledge of practical astronomy and, as the volume of questions asked at astronomical society meetings and on internet newsgroups attest, there is a need for these questions to be answered in one place. Hence this book. The fundamental premise behind AstroFAQs is that the beginning amateur astronomer wishes to get "up and running" with the minimum delay. A secondary premise is that anyone will better appreciate why something is done as it is if there is an understanding of the underlying principles. AstroFAQs addresses both these premises. AstroFAQs makes no pretence to go into great depth -that would be impossible in such a slim volume -but it will give you the kick-start you need to choose and use your instrument effectively, and will take you to a level of expertise that is significantly higher than the "beginner" status. It uses a hierarchical section num­ bering system that simplifies cross-referencing. Suggestions for more in-depth reading are given throughout. More and more "newbie" astronomers are entering this fascinating hobby by purchasing one of the "gee­ whiz" GOTO telescopes, of which there is an increasing selection. These serve the wish to begin observation as soon as possible, but they do so at a price premium.

AstroFAQs: Questions Amateur Astronomers Frequently Ask

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