The Philosophy Gym  25 Short Adventures in Thinking Cover

The Philosophy Gym: 25 Short Adventures in Thinking

ISBN/ASIN: 0312314523,9780312314521 | 2003 | English | epub | 224/0 pages | 0.86 Mb
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books | Author: Stephen Law | Edition: 1st

From Descartes to designer babies, The Philosophy Gym poses questions about some of history's most important philosophical issues, ranging in difficulty from pretty easy to very challenging. He brings new perspectives to age-old conundrums while also tackling modern-day dilemmas — some for the first time. Begin your warm up by contemplating whether a pickled sheep can truly be considered art, or dive right in and tackle the existence of God. In this radically new way of looking at philosophy, Stephen Law illustrates the problem with a story, then lets the argument battle it out in clear, easily digestible and intelligent prose. This perfect little mental health club is sure to give each reader's mind a great workout.

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