Stephens' Detection and Evaluation of Adverse Drug Reactions  Principles and Practice, Sixth Edition Cover

Stephens’ Detection and Evaluation of Adverse Drug Reactions: Principles and Practice, Sixth Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470986349,9780470975053 | 2011 | English | pdf | 737/737 pages | 7.04 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

The detection and evaluation of adverse drug reactions is crucial for understanding the safety of medicines and for preventing harm in patients. Not only is it necessary to detect new adverse drug reactions, but the principles and practice of pharmacovigilance apply to the surveillance of a wide range of medicinal products.
Stephens' Detection and Evaluation of Adverse Drug Reactions provides a comprehensive review of all aspects of adverse drug reactions throughout the life cycle of a medicine, from toxicology and clinical trials through to pharmacovigilance, risk management, and legal and regulatory requirements. It also covers the safety of biotherapeutics and vaccines and includes new chapters on pharmacogenetics, proactive risk management, societal considerations, and the safety of drugs used in oncology and herbal medicines.
This sixth edition of the classic text on drug safety is an authoritative reference text for all those who work in pharmacovigilance or have an interest in adverse drug reactions, whether in regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical companies, or academia.
Praise for previous editions
"This book presents a comprehensive and wide-ranging overview of the science of pharmacovigilance. For those entering or already experienced in the pharmaceutical sciences, this is an essential work.” – from a review in E-STREAMS
"…a key text in the area of pharmacovigilance…extensively referenced and well-written…a valuable resource…" – from a review in The Pharmaceutical JournalContent:
Chapter 1 Adverse Drug Reactions: History, Terminology, Classification, Causality, Frequency, Preventability (pages 1–119): Jeffrey K. Aronson
Chapter 2 Pharmacogenetics of Adverse Drug Reactions (pages 121–156): Sudeep P. Pushpakom and Munir Pirmohamed
Chapter 3 Toxicology and Adverse Drug Reactions (pages 157–214): D. J. Snodin and A. Suitters
Chapter 4 Clinical Trials—Collecting Safety Data and Establishing the Adverse Drug Reactions Profile (pages 215–289): John Talbot, Marianne Keisu and Lars Stahle
Chapter 5 Clinical Laboratory Safety Data (pages 291–348): Alan Craig
Chapter 6 Statistics: Analysis and Presentation of Safety Data (pages 349–388): Stephen J. W. Evans and Dorothea Nitsch
Chapter 7 Proactive Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management (pages 389–409): June Raine, Lesley Wise, John Talbot and Jeffrey K. Aronson
Chapter 8 Regulatory Aspects of Pharmacovigilance (pages 411–509): Kristina Leila Strutt and Barry David Charles Arnold
Chapter 9 Legal Aspects of Pharmacovigilance in the European Union (pages 511–543): Christine H. Bendall
Chapter 10 Dictionaries and Coding in Pharmacovigilance (pages 545–572): E. G. Brown and J. E. Harrison
Chapter 11 Adverse Drug Reactions: Societal Considerations (pages 573–584): Nicky Britten
Chapter 12 Safety of Biotherapeutics (pages 585–601): Andrew Erdman, James Nickas and Benton Brown
Chapter 13 Vaccine Safety Surveillance (pages 603–624): E. Miller and J. Stowe
Chapter 14 Assessing the Safety of Drugs Used in Oncology (pages 625–643): Anne Kehely
Chapter 15 Adverse Drug Reactions and Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Medicines (pages 645–683): Joanne Barnes

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